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The History of Waldorf Education

Since its inception in 1919, Waldorf education has become one of the largest private, non-profit, non-denominational, independent K-12 systems in the world, with over 1,000 schools in 83 countries.
Waldorf education was developed in Europe by Rudolf Steiner, who was a great visionary, educator and scientist. He was adept at observing the developing child. His goal in education was to nurture artistically, spiritually and intellectually the highest potential in each child. The curriculum, style of teaching and incorporation of the arts into each subject are the things that set Waldorf education apart. With great insight, care and concern Steiner developed Waldorf education. The Latin educare (the root of our word for education) means to “bring forth.” Steiner said, “Education is an art—it must speak to the child’s experience. To educate the whole child, the heart and the will must be reached as well as the mind.” In a Waldorf School competence is stressed, as every child is taught they can be an artist, a scientist, a writer, a gardener, a carpenter, a mathematician or all of the above. Individuals may blossom at different times and with differing intensity, but the ability is there.
“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”
—Rudolf Steiner, Founder, Waldorf Education

The History of Waldorf School O.C.

Our school began with a small group of parents who shared a strong concern for educating their children in the most positive way. These committed individuals had been involved together in a study group. As the idea of a Waldorf school began to germinate, a Board of Trustees was formed in the fall of 1987, and the first early childhood class formed in January 1988.

We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary as a school, and we continue to happily welcome new students throughout the kindergarten, grades, and high school each year. We are a thriving, serving over 350 students in pre-kindergarten through high school, plus several early childhood playgroups.

We lovingly extend our heartfelt gratitude to the persistent, resilient, and dedicated families who started WSOC in 1987. Today’s students benefit from their legacy daily, as they learn from our talented, inspired, and brilliant faculty. We hope to continue on in the positive spirit of their legacy so that all of our grandchildren and even our grandchildren’s grandchildren may receive a Waldorf education at the Waldorf School of Orange County.

Our Logo

Our Waldorf W represents the modern Waldorf School Orange County experience, while paying homage to our roots.
The shape of the logo is informed in part by Rudolf Steiner’s architectural aesthetics and design work. It also references Waldorf students’ chalkboard drawings. The choice of gradient matches the spectrum of brilliance we see in our students and nods to the Lazure style of painting.

For further inspiration, we looked deeper into the Waldorf approach. The various paths our students navigate, at this school and beyond, can be seen in the distinct angles that shape the mark. A singular rounded dot found at the intersection of two lines represents brilliance. You’ll notice that this is the point where the brightest light shines.

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